Movement and Dance

What is holding you back? 

We all develop habits in our movement: hunching our shoulders, slumping in chairs, favoring a side that holds a purse or a messenger bag -- We forget they’re even there, but our bodies broadcast them in our dance and walk, and repeating these patterns can cause real obstacles to health and optimal function. 

How do you find ease in your movement? 
Attendees build awareness of learned patterns, and are practive the tools to replace them with joyful, natural movement. Combining Contact Improv, Massage Therapy and Anatomy to create a holistic introduction to finding bliss in your dance and beauty in everyday movement. 


Masks and Movement Theater 

In mask and movement workshops, students learn the techniques that have been fundamental to the best physical performers for the last 500 years. 

Before the 20th century, every actor in the western world would train in these movement techniques passed from generation to generation in order to learn physical theater. Now more and more performers are reclaiming these time-honored techniques.  
These classes are perfect for actors who want to develop their physical work or comedic timing, dancers who want to be more expressive in their movement, and anybody who wants to learn more about where their own body's holding emotion and stress, and to learn tools to work them out.

If there are at least 10 confirmed participants, donation-based workshops can be organized.  Or, if you are part of an organization with the means to commission its own workshop,  request a specific date