Some people say that Directing is about knowing a little about everything. Tovya Jacobs draws on his varied work in 70+ live and film productions to bring new elements to each new project, traditional movement theatre, found footage, live music, puppets, opera, food -- you name it.

"Collaboration between artists is key. Everyone should be a conspirator, from the techs to the designers, from the performers to the stage manager -- if you're lucky, even the audience. Through creating community, I want to provide an environment where everyone is respected and safe to push themselves to the potential of their art."                                  - From Artist's Statement

Recent projects include:

Letter to a Young Planet A conscious spaceship unable to remember it's purpose wanders the galaxy, searching for life, and if it can't find any, inventing some for itself.

The Sleepers An opera mixed-live, with looping vocal tracks, recounting a Dante-esque journey to the underworld.

First Memories What are your first memories? This wordless short film recreates first memories, exploring their uncertainty and dreamlike qualities when looked back on years later

Tortola by Susan Goodell A dark-comedy in which a first meeting becomes a surreal nightmare, revealing the insane desire and impossibility of perfection.

Z by Tamadhur Al-Aqeel Los Angeles urban legends and myths come together in a magical-realistic spectacle, combining live actors, shadows, and puppets

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