Pete Pano and Vincent Vallejo in Z
At a Loss?

We've all been there: 
  • You're a Writer: You're halfway through, and suddenly the next scene feels impossible.
  • You're a Director: You love the concept, but you want the dialogue to sound less Shakespeare and more Pulp Fiction.
  • You're a Producer: You need a story that's going to be loved by audiences, not break your wallet, and be ready to shoot in a week -- in Hawaii.

Every project is unique, and my job is to understand your message and help you deliver it. If you need bigger help: editing, rewriting, fast approaching deadlines -- let's talk.

Tell me your sad story.  I'll help you make it high tragedy.


We can make this project work -- on a budget that works for you. If you have a deadline, let me know immediately. 

Want to see some examples? 

In addition to commissions, I have helped clients with Editing, Rewrites, Coverage, Translation, Dramaturgy, and advice.

Feel free to look around -- I'm willing to bet you're not going to find better help for your team.