Unproduced Feature Scripts
Piano Man
    A gripping, hilarious, historical, LGBTQ drama
    That feels like Ray meets The Bird Cage     

    Red List, Top 20 - Coverfly, 2022
    Current Finalist - PAGE Awards, 2022
    Quarterfinalist - Nicholl Fellowship, 2022
    Quarterfinalist - Austin Film Festival, 2022

    Inspired by a true story, Desi Cooper was a jazz musician whose family learned he was transgender only when he died. Threatened by exposure as he becomes more famous, Desi has to decide how much he’s willing to risk to achieve his dream.

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    An animated coming-of-age adventure for all-ages
    That feels like Luca meets Zootopia

    Current Quarterfinalist - Screencraft Animation, 2022
    In a real world of monsters that existed long before the dinosaurs, a little larva dreams of protecting his home from terrifying beasts—until he realizes he’s becoming one.

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Leaving Eden
    A darkly comic LGBTQ coming-of-age horror-story
    That feels like Mean Girls meets The Science of Sleep

    Torn between their identity and the woman they love, a queer farmer tries to pass as a stereotypical man, and finds out that being normal can be a waking nightmare.

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Shark Zombies
    A 70s B-movie action/horror comedy with cult-status potential
    That feels like Shaun of the Dead meets The Love Witch

    A CEO and her idiot brother have to save the world when her marketing tool accidentally changes the world's men into bloodthirsty undead mutant sharks.

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                Unproduced TV Scripts
Death Department
    A clever, 30-min supernatural workplace satire
    That feels like 30 Rock meets Sandman

    When an afterlife clerk realizes millions of souls are trapped in bureaucratic and literal limbo, she tries to rise up against the most Kafka-esque organization in the universe to create equitable change.

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    A 60-min interacvtive“Choose Your Own Journey” sci-fi mystery
    That feels like Riverdale meets Black Mirror

    Top 10 (Finalist) - Branches Interactive, 2022
    After an attempted murder at work, an intern’s dream job depends on delving into a high-tech underworld to find the killer. A fully-interactive script, where the viewer chooses the course of the story.

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