"Oh Madame, thank you!"
      "Come up with us, Madame. Everything's so beautiful -- up there! We might as well have signed an armistice. Strangers are kissing each other."
      "Pigeons fly, and each one is like a dove after the flood."
      "Within a minute, the grass at the Queen's Court began to sprout again: it's the death of Attila!"

Finally, after 75 years, the first complete English translation of this classic French comedy.

Though the play is well known through its adaptation (that freely changes and edits the original,) the Theatre Factory Studio was not satisfied, and commissioned this faithful translation to set the record straight.  Now Giraudoux can be understood in all his bizarre, poetic glory -- reminding the world that his "Madwoman" truly is a masterpiece of the 20th century.

The madwomen of Paris form a plan to save the world by faking a discovery of oil, luring the greediest businessmen into their basement, and locking the door.

This classic farce is a critique on business, capitalism, and what passes for sanity in the modern world.

You can read a sample of The Madwoman of Chaillot here.

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